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Asiaport Maritime Pte Ltd / PT Asiaport Maritime Indonesia
Asiaport Maritime Pte Ltd / PT Asiaport Maritime Indonesia
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Asiaport Maritime Pte Ltd / PT Asiaport Maritime Indonesia


Asiaport Maritime Pte Ltd ( AMPL) and PT Asiaport Maritime Indonesia were formed on the 27th May 2005 to provide fast, efficient, value-added and cost saving marine services in Singapore, Indonesia and World Wide.
AMPL has equipped all their operation staffs in Singapore and Indonesia with the latest wireless gadgets.Our operation staffs are ready to provide all the first-hand informations to our clients when they are onboard any vessel that calls to remote ports of Indonesia like Balikpapan, Citibondo, Manggis and Teluk Semangka. With an experienced team managing, AMPL staffs can tackle all operational problems with cost-savings solutions.
In Singapore, our boarding officers are experienced in tackling any operational problems that may arise during vesselsï ¿ ½ port stay. Our office in Singapore also act as a hub agent for vessels calling Singapore , Indonesia and OPL( Tanjung Pelepas-Malaysia, Karimun-Indonesia and South China Sea) for cargo operations.
AMPL also provides petroleum surveying, expediting and loss control services worldwide. We have a team of experienced surveyors and expeditors with proven track records with well known companies like DNV, Caleb Brett, SGS and ITS. We are also an listed contractor( Rekanan) of Pertamina and a member of GIA GROUP( Global International Commodity Association)
AMPL has compiled packages that will enlighten our clients. At present, we are servicing Pertamina, BP, Shell and Petronas in Singapore, Indonesia ( Pertamina, Patra Niaga, Humpuss, Pertamina Tongkang ) and OPL( Tanjung Pelepas, Karimun/ South China Sea) .
To know more about the services that we provide, please visit our website at : http: / / www.indonetwork.net/ asiaportmaritime
Cont act us
Singapore Office:
20A Race Lane, Singapore 218738
Mohd Sharif
Email: sharifricco@ gmail.com / sharif@ asiaportmaritime.com.sg

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